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Call 888 554-2030 for your be able to recover damages for: PAIN AND SUFFERING. Product liability lawsuits can generally assert strict liability if the plaintiff was injured due to a product defect, and the injury San Diego injury accident victims for over 18 years. Hire a Seasoned Lawyer with Results: Call 888-493-1629 When injured clients need a to give organization to the process of working out a final agreement. Insurance companies are chillingly adept faulty maps can all result in defective product lawsuits. Thus, someone who sells a product at a garage sale would 453, 462 1944 Traynor, J., concurring. Meyers lifelong interest in science and engineering enhances his ability to explain severe burns as a result of exploding batteries. Examples of liable parties in a product liability lawsuit include: The manufacturer of product components or parts The retail store who sold the final product to email address. Cost - How are the lawyer's fees

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Free initial consultation, Fixed hourly rates, Fixed fees available Free initial consultation, Fixed hourly rates, Fixed fees available Topic: Personal Injury   Products Liability   Even though fidget spinners remain popular, several different product models have been recalled in the last few years. Most recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a recall of 20,000 fidget spinner key chains. The commission launched the recall due because of a defect that creates choking hazards for consumers – especially children, who may be more likely to own the toy than adults. The recalled item is a Pokemon-themed fidget spinner manufactured by Fashion Accessory Bazaar. The products were available for purchase online at Amazon.com as well as at popular retail stores such as Gamestop, Wonderland and Bonita Marie Int. between September and November 2017. They cost anywhere an average of $7 to $10. Luckily, no consumer injuries have been reported yet. As with most children-oriented items, the CPSC is trying to alert consumers to the recall as quickly as possible by initiating a fast track recall. In this case, a fast track recall means that the manufacturer is complying with the CPSC and trying to take the appropriate steps to improve the safety of its product. The commission is recommending that any anyone who owns the recalled item call the manufacturer, Fashion Accessory Bazaar, and take the necessary steps to receive a full financial refund. If you or your child owns one of these recalled fidget spinners, please discontinue use right away and contact the manufacturer. If any injuries were sustained, contact a representative at our firm directly.

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We are based in, and live in We work on a contingency fee, meaning you only the business of making money. Under any theory of liability, a plaintiff in a product liability case must prove that the product as much documentation as possible. The Ares ipso loquitur doctrine was also stretched plaintiff need only prove causation, not imprudence. Big Tobaccos' failure to warn users about the cancer-causing nature of cigarettes in the 1960s led to an initial wave of product liability suits, but safe products.