We Announce This Action Today With Heavy Hearts.” The Cba Has 4,000 Members, Not All Professionally Active.

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The protest was triggered by changes to the advocates’ graduated fee scheme (AGFS), which barristers claim represents a further cut to their income. Angela Rafferty QC, the chair of the CBA, said: “The [criminal justice] system is desperate, as are we. We are informing our members today that they should consider not taking any [new] work from April 1, the implementation date of the reforms. “We will hold days of action. We will fight to improve the justice system for us and everyone else. We announce this action today with heavy hearts.” The CBA has 4,000 members, not all professionally active. There were 2,317 votes cast, of which 2,081 were in favour of action. The organisation is planning days of mass walkouts when lawyers boycott the courts. Barristers are self-employed. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has suffered the deepest cuts of any Whitehall department since 2010 and shut 258 courts across England and Wales.

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